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How surprised were we to find this treasure. Stayed at the Heritage Railway Yards, no power, dump point at Park in Town Water available at Yard for $2. Des is the caretaker here and he took us on a tour of the carriages. Very informative tour. While here we found Ban Ban Springs This is a sacred site of the Rainbow Serpent, & the 7 Sisters. We took a dirt track down beside the park & we are so glad we did, this track took us to Thompson's Crossing what an unbelievable find this was. A beautiful place to camp and get away from the rest of the world. There are 2 lookouts in Gayndah McConnell's & Archers both are easy access & the views are amazing. Be sure to check out the Big Orange the best coffee we have ever had. The Heritage Museum was amazing, so many items and the stories that go with them, this place takes you back in time. Gayndah was a wonderful place to stop & explore so many little hidden gems in this beautiful part of the country.

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