4 Way Tap Handle


Water is one of the necessities of life and on the road it can create a whole new challenge so a 4 way tap handle is a great tool to have on hand.

Unlike home, you can’t just turn on the tap for an endless supply of fresh drinking water.

You will be limited in the capacity you can carry and if you like to Free camp a lot and be off grid you’re going to need access to water at some stage.

In most cases there is somewhere nearby where water is available easily.

In other places it might be much less easy but usually Information Centres and Councils provide water for Free or very low cost.

To access this water you might need a tap handle as they are sometimes removed because of vandalism and people leaving the water running.

The 4 way brass tap handle is a must for the tool kit when traveling around Australia.

Collapsible Water Containers

Collapsible water containers are great for travelling & storing water.  We have 4 of these containers which are perfect for storing extra water or to use to refill your water tanks.


They are perect for any 4WD to fill & transport back to your Caravan.  They are light, collapsible for easy storage,  durable & cheap.

We got our from Kmart. https://www.kmart.com.au/product/10l-collapsible-water-container/1551814


Drinking Water Hoses & Connections


A drinking water hose is ideal to use instead of a garden hose.

Drinking water hoses are usually clear or blue in colour as opposed to your green garden hose which can leave a distinct taste in the water.

Hoses for drinking water are non toxic and safe to use for your drinking water.

We carry a 2 x 10m water hoses  with connections toto ensure we can reach any taps we may need to during our travels.

Check out BCF here https://www.bcf.com.au/p/camec-drinking-hose-10m-x-12mm/129104.html

You’ll also need a good set of Hose connections.

We have found when we use the cheap plastic ones they tend to leak and sometimes disconnect from the Motorhome and can flood the area.

For this reason we choose to use quality brass hose fittings that only cost a little more but don’t waste precious water and give a much better seal around the connected areas.

Check out the range of Brass Tap fittings on eBay here – https://www.ebay.com.au